Bassidi Koné and Bwazan have released three albums in total. Track samples from each album can be found on Bwazan’s Soundcloud page (see links below).



‘Denbagnuma’ Denbagnuma DITTO Final
Release Date: 17th October, 2017
Genre: World – West Africa

The Bwazan are pleased to announce online release of their newest album, ‘DENBAGNUMA’ (the nurturing mother). This album is a dedication to all mothers around the world, in appreciation for the love and care they provide to their children and the children of others. Available in iTunes.

Sample Tracks:

Track name: Yan Kanho

Track name: Nana Be Sia



‘Badenya Foli’
SAMBA LOLO Recording Productions, Boston, USAscreenshot112
Release Date: 2011
Genre: World, West Africa

“Bwazan stands for “Bobo children” in the Bwa or Bobo language. This is a rare and spectacular performance of young talent found in West African Music today. It features djembe and balafon roots and traditions. Organically produced, recorded live in Bamako, Mali.”
– Mateja Milijacki (Samba Lolo Recording Productions)


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SAMBA LOLO Recording Productions, Boston, USA
Release date: 2008
Genre: World, West Africa

“Komi Jose Buanzan (Komi Jose family), is performed in recognition of the Komi Jose troupe originally formed in Bamako.
Bassidi Koné leads an orchestra of percussionist supported by sweet melodies of balafons and a dozen young voices. The instrumentation is in the Bobo and Bamanan traditions. Doundoun drums provide the base of rhythms that swirl with djembe and balafon songs that originate in villages of Mali. These rhythms are passed from old masters to the new generation, thereby keeping traditional beats in tact as they go through modern interpretations.
In this release, Bassidi does not shy away from speed and virtuosity which characterizes Bamako’s performance troupes and dances, but he also finds a way to integrate and innovate on tradition as it encounters the urban temptations from the city of Bamako.
This is a rare opportunities to hear Bobo balafon and djembe recorded with their natural sound and within their natural setting. This music is a trip of its own and a knowledge base for any West African music aficionado.”
– Mateja Milijacki (Samba Lolo Recording Productions)


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