Guest Teacher on Djembe

Petit 2Initiated at an early age by his parents on the balafon, dundun and n’tama, Adama discovered the djembe at age 7 and quickly became a young prodigy.

At 10, he became the djembe soloist for the famous djembefola of Bouaké, Baya “Bayaya” Konaté. Considered very early as a djembe virtuoso, he was spotted at the age of 12 by the late Soungalo Coulibaly, with whom he would spend all his teenage years. In 1993 he moved to Bamako. It was here that he began to accompany the famous griot, Babani Koné, and his guitarist Modibo Diabatè.

Adama continued his career as a great djembefola by regularly performing at weddings and baptisms with big Malian divas such as Kandia Kouyaté and Ami Koïta.

In June 1999, he joined his brother, Kalifa, in Toulouse for a 3-month tour with the group “SAN KOULI KAN”.
He returned to Paris the same year with Babani Koné for the AFRICOLOR festival in December.

In 2000, Adama met the KOUNTA KINTÉ association and became the regular teacher of their “School of Traditional Music and Dance” in The Gambia, where he conducted djembe and dundun courses. It was during one of these stays that he became familiar with the kora, which opened up new avenues for creativity for him.

In July 2001, Adama was invited to perform with the famous Kouyaté and Kasse Mady Diabaté for an international tour (festival of Arles, Japan and Spain). In June 2002, the training of Kouyaté’s Foundation again appealed to his talents for a tour in Azerbaijan and Belgium.

In September 2002, he decided to create his group “Petit Adama & DIARRA KAN”. In April 2003, the Kounta Kinté Association decided to support the band and started the production of his first TOUNGA album. In September 2003, a partnership with the Centre of Traditional Music in Ile-de-France concluded this tour in May 2004.

Today, Adama resides in Bamako with him family, and tours internationally on a regular basis to teach and perform.


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