Experiencing his mastery of sounds, dynamics and pure speed was the catalyst for me devoting a large part of my life to this instrument.

I heard this monster play and I realised just how much depth the djembe has!

Tuition and Workshops with Bassidi KonéIMG_4994

Bassidi enjoys sharing his griot music, culture and traditions with the international community as a performer and teacher, most recently visiting Australia, the U.S, Japan, Chile, and South America. He is an accomplished and respected teacher of the djembe, balafon, kamalan n’goni, and doun doun, and has had extensive experience teaching international students, both children and adults of all levels. Bassidi is an energetic, engaging, and supportive teacher.

Tuition and Workshops in School Settings and Universities

Bassidi is experienced in teaching both children and young adults in elementary and secondary school settings, and universities. His drumming workshops promote self-esteem and awareness, listening skills, coordination, focus, confidence, leadership and teamwork. These school programs are inclusive and fun. He provides hands on tuition of the djembe and balafon, and gives students valuable insight IMG_1262into the important role music plays in traditional Malian culture.

Bassidi has taught in school and university settings in the U.S, Australia, and in international schools throughout West Africa.



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