These videos highlight some of Bassidi’s past performances with his percussion group, Bwazan, in Mali, and other international performances with various artists and ensembles.

More videos can be found on both Bassidi’s and Bwazan’s Youtube channel. Show your support by subscribing to these channels!


Click here to view Bassidi’s Youtube channel.

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PASIC16 Performance – IN, U.S.A

Highlights from Bassidi Koné’s Clinic/Performance named Mali Foli at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, held in Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A (November 9-12, 2016). © Video courtesy of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS).

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Drumskull Drums, Santa Cruz, CA, U.S.A – 2016

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Bassidi Koné – Djembe Solo

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Balafon and Djembe Duet (Bassidi and Khalifa Koné – December 2015)

Bwazan members, Khalifa and Bassidi Koné play a balafon and djembe duet during rehearsal at Maison des Jeunes, Bamako, Mali (Khalifa on balafon and Bassidi on djembe).

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Bassidi Koné – Djembe Solo (August 2015)

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Bassidi Koné and ‘Petit’ Adama Diarra

Bassidi Koné and his longstanding percussion group, Bwazan, play with guest artist ‘Petit’ Adama Diarra at their Soirée Dedicace evening at Maison des Jeunes, Bamako, Mali – October 2014. This night was dedicatd to the upcoming release of Bwazan’s new album, ‘Denbagnuma’.

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Bassidi Koné – Bobo Balafon Solo (August 2015)

Bassidi plays the large Bobo balafon, played widely throughout Mali and Burkina Faso.

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Bwazan Rehearsal (Bamako, Mali)

Bassidi Koné and Bwazan prepare for their upcoming concerts at the Multicultural Festival of Bancoumana, Mali (Dec. 26-28, 2014) and the International Festival of Folklore and Percussion, Louga, Senegal (Dec. 27 – Jan 3rd, 2015). 

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Multicultural Festival of Bancoumana (Mali)

This is one clip taken from Bwazan’s concert at this year’s Multicultural Festival of Bancoumana  (Mali). Here they perform the Ivorian rhythm and dance ‘Bwé Bwé. Video courtesy of Freya Manning.

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Stars of the Bobo Balafon (Bamako, Mali)

This is the second vignette in a collection of short films exploring endangered musical traditions in Mali, featuring Bassidi and Kalifa Koné (from Bwazan) and Bassidi’s father Madou Koné. This film is directed and produced by Paul Chandler ( Embedded in the songs, stories and ceremonies that are interpreted by artists and accompanied by traditional […]

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