Bwazan, the Bobos who are the pride of Mali in the field of Percussion.

– Bamako Hebdo


Attending Bwazan’s Weekly Rehearsals

Bassidi and Bwazan rehearse in the city centre of Bamako at Maison des Jeunes. They currently rehearse late afternoons between 16:00 and 18:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. All visitors are welcome to attend! Please enquire via our contact page for more information.

Year-round Tuition and WorkshopsIMG_7127

As Bassidi and Bwazan are based in Mali, living and rehearsing in Bamako for the majority of the year, they receive local and international students year-round for both private and group workshops in the djembe, doun doun, balafon, kamaln n’goni, tamani (talking drum), and traditional dance . Most students visit between December and February, when most music festivals and cultural events happen in Bamako and the surrounding region. Students are welcome to commit to longer-term apprenticeships with Bwazan for three or more months.

If you are traveling IMG_2394independently, outside of Bassidi’s official tour dates, Bassidi and Bwazan will do all they can to assist you in meeting your needs and pursuing you interests during your stay. They will provide you with up-to-date information which details varied accomodation options, meal and restaurant options, recommendations on cultural and historical sites to explore, musical events and ceremonies to visit during your stay, and general travel safety advice. They will arrange transport to and from the airport for all students visiting, and instrument hire if needed.

* Please contact Bassidi well in advance, prior to booking your flights, to ensure they are in Bamako and available to provide you with tuition during your visit.

Please contact Bassidi on his Contact page for more information about this tour.

VIDEO: Study with Bassidi Koné and Bwazan in Bamako, Mali

This video captures the experiences of some of Bassidi and Bwazan’s most recent students who have travelled to Bamako to study music and dance.


Our Recent Guests



Photos of Bwazan

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Images of Mali

Recent Videos of Bwazan

Endangered Musical Traditions in Mali: Stars of the Bobo Balafon

This is a short documentary featuring Madou Koné, his son, Bassidi Koné, and nephew, Khalifa Koné. They speak about their role as griots in their society, and the important role the balafon instrument plays in their village, Monisso, in San Circle region of Mali.

Djembé Workshop with Bassidi Koné (Bamako): Maraka Rhythm

Bwazan Rehearsal (January 2015)

Bassidi Koné, Djembe Solo – August, 2015

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